Christie (adopted)

Christie (adopted)

Update 21.12.2021:

Mother Christie and daughter Livvy reunited again in Germany!
You might remember Christie, she was the mom I picked up who had given birth to her babies in a town square.
Now mother and daughter are living in the same area and get to see each other and play.
♥️If that doesn’t warm your heart I don’t know what does!
Her story:

Christie is a spectacular girl and was born in February 2020.

She is mom of Livvy, Lassi, Lana, Lori and Lorde.

Christie was abandoned heavily pregnant in a not so friendly neighborhood.

She came to our shelter when her five babies were only a few days old.

With a little help from our side she raised her beautiful little babies into gorgeous young dogs.

But not only did she raise five beautiful pups, but after she was released from her parental duties.

Now she moved in with our longterm resident Baron.

Christie is a wonderful soul that loves humans and is great with other dogs.

In this way she´s helping Baron to be more social and all in all she´s making him a happier dog ❤

Update 10.9.2021:

Her story:

She is real lucky to bring up her babies in safety.

She  and her newborns were  picked up from the streets a few weeks back.

Now we’ll have to find a good home for all.