How to adopt an animal

Dogs :


Please, read also our “The First Weeks” page to ensure a smooth start in your family!

Adopting a dog from the Souda Shelter is easy!


There are three ways of adoption:

a. you live on Crete, visit the shelter and there is that special dog

b. you are on holiday, visit the shelter and fall in love with a dog

c. you are abroad and see the dog of your dreams on our webpage


STEP 1:   Interview (either in person or with the help of a questionaire and a phone call afterwards)

We know you will understand that we want to find the best home for our dogs and the best life-long companion for you, so we ask you consider a few things first:

Here’s what you need to consider:

    • Are you ready to commit to owning a dog for the next 10 – 12 years?
    • Do you have the time and energy for the daily needs of a dog?
    • Will the dog fit in with your lifestyle? Children? Other pets?
    • If you are renting, does your landlord allow pets?

What type of dog is right for you?

    • Do you want a high energy hiking buddy or a low energy companion?
    • Young pup or an older dog?
    • What size and gender?
    • Type of coat – curly, long-hair, short-hair?
Download questionaire for adoption :



OK, I’m READY! Let’s get that special dog a home!

STEP 2:   Selecting the right dog (either at the shelter or online)

  • Visit the Shelter and meet some of our wonderful dogs or take your time looking at photos and profiles of the Shelter dogs here at the website.
  • Leave a comment on the dog you like, with a little information about you and your e-mail address.
  • Once you make your selection and have your application approved, you’ll have a suggested adoption donation of 350 Euros which covers:
    • Vaccinations against distemper, HCC, parvo, rabies
    • Blood tests for: leishmaniosis, ehrlichia and general health blood test.
    • Passport
    • Microchip identification
    • Castration (if old enough; see waiver for details)
    • Travel Crate (price 95,00 -105,00 depending on size)

STEP 3:   Home check

On Crete it is, of course, easy.

We have people in nearly all of the European states to do this for us.

If you are on holiday and you pass the interview, you can take the dog home with you and you will have your home check later.

If you apply for a dog online, you will have the home check first

Then we’ll give green light on travel arrangements.

We are sure you’ll understand this procedure and that we want to make sure that our dogs get safe and appropriate homes.

STEP 4:   Signing of the waiver

You have to sign a waiver, which we send to you, saying that if your situation changes we are to be informed and that you are not allowed to sell the animal, put it down without medical reason, use it as a guard dog, etc, etc, etc. 

STEP 5:   Bringing Your New Dog Home

If you live in Crete, you can pick up your dog in person at the Shelter. In certain circumstances, we may be able to deliver your dog to you.

If you are here as a visitor or adopting from another country, you will need to make arrangements to transport your dog to your home. 

Though direct flights (without a stop) are better, stops on flights are usually not a problem. Companies such as Aegean Air, Norwegian, Lufthansa are very good and reliable animal carriers. Whether in cabin or in cargo, if an animal is flying on a flight that has a stop, it is best the stop is less than 3 hours. In most cases you can easily book your dog online. You only have to know the size of the crate.

If you adopt online, you’ll be responsible for the ticket price of your animal which varies by airline company.

STEP 6:   Transitioning Your Dog to Their New Home

Please, read out “The First Weeks” page! We can’t stress enough the importance of a safety harness. 

Your new dog may be nervous about the sudden changes from living in the Shelter to a home. For the first few days, keep your home quiet and serene. Do not overwhelm the dog! Even the best trained dog can have bathroom ‘accidents’ in a new environment. Your dog may not be housebroken and you will have to start their training right away.

Remember, your dog may have never lived in a house before or been abused – be patient and loving. They want to please you and are ready to learn. Introduce your dog to the family, friends, neighbours slowly. They may be nervous at all the changes. Be patient. Slowly introduce your dog to his new environment, by going for short walks and letting him explore the area.

Dogs need a routine for feeding, bathroom breaks, playtime and sleeping. The sooner you get your dog into a routine, the quicker he will adjust to his new home.

Create a space for your dog. Dog-proof an area just for your dog and provide bedding, food bowls and fresh water and safe toys. Sudden changes in the dog’s diet may make them ill – try to use the same food the Shelter was using to feed your dog and introduce any new foods slowly. Feed on a regular schedule.

Consider taking your dog to obedience school. A good dog is one who will make a happy life long companion and will be welcome in your neighbourhood. Too many dogs become abandoned because their owners did not take the time to train their dog and could not handle them. Obedience training is fun for you and your dog and is very rewarding.

STEP 7:   Feedback

Finally, follow-up with the Souda Shelter Project.

Send us a note and photos of your dog enjoying his new life!

We love getting updates on our facebook page “ The Souda Shelter Project”



Cats :

Details on adopting a cat are coming soon. Meanwhile simply contact the shelter via facebook.