• Ever thought of fostering a dog?

From time to time, we have a dog that needs to be cared for temporarily outside of the Shelter in a loving home. Fostering relieves overcrowding and helps prepares a dog for permanent adoption.

The Souda Shelter Project is always looking for reliable short-term foster homes for some of our dogs that need individual attention temporarily while we find them their forever home.

This may be a dog that is recovering from an illness or surgery or older dog that wouldn’t do well in the general shelter population, or a smaller weaker dog that needs to build a bit of confidence before being re-homed.

  • Foster care is short term and temporary.
  • Fosters provide a vital part of the re-homing process.
  • We cover the costs and supplies; you provide the love and a short-term home.

Fostering: a short stay on the path to a forever home.

Loving a dog in need is the easy part. Next comes providing a safe, secure, nurturing home and an understanding of caring for a dog’s daily needs. Your foster can be cared for in your home or outside in a sheltered kennel or crate, which we can provide.

Shelter dogs come in two ways – feral or street dogs that may not be used to much human contact, or tame but abandoned strays that do quite well in a home. Some may not be housebroken or have basic obedience skills. But some may be very used to living in a house and were abandoned or lost for reasons we will never know. Some may require medication or special care.

We assess the dogs before sending them to foster homes, so you will be advised of its character, habits, and needs. We will make sure we find a good match for you – whether it is a dog with special needs or a dog that just needs a loving temporary home.

Basically, a foster home provides love, safety, and basic needs.

We’ve got you covered!

You will have the full support of the Souda Shelter Project staff and volunteers. 

We will provide:

  • Food and treats
  • Bedding
  • Medication and vitamins, as needed
  • Veterinary care and consultation
  • Crates, if required
  • Toys, leash, collar
  • Frequent check-ins from staff and volunteers
  • Transport to and from the shelter and to their new permanent home
  • Transport to and from the vet

Our goal is to get every dog a permanent home and to make sure their stay in the Shelter or in foster care is temporary.

Ready to become a foster parent?

We maintain a current list of people who may be able to foster from time to time.

Contact the Shelter directly via ”CONTACT US”.

You can tell us about your experience with dogs, your preferences about size and care requirements. When the need arises, we will contact you to see if you can foster.

Should the foster placement not work out, don’t worry – we will make alternate arrangements. We promise – you will not be required to keep a dog you can’t handle or for longer than you are able.

The Souda Shelter Project needs your help. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Be a part of the project.

Adopt. Donate. Share.

And here’s an example of the joys of fostering:

Rufus and Pancho arrived in their foster home today after being in a cage for quite some time. Look at the happiness in these pups, this is what fostering produces. You won’t regret it!

Rufus and Pancho arrived in their foster home today after being in a cage for quite some time. Now it's all play on The Green Green Grass with our wonderful Foster Mama Alaine and her lovely family❤Look at the happiness in these pups, this is what fostering produces. Smiles on their faces and on yours. Become a foster mom, dad or family for the Souda Shelter Project or the rescue nearest you.You won't regret it!

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Tiistaina 11. kesäkuuta 2019