Meet The Team

The Staff

Elizabeth :

Founder and Director of The Souda Shelter Project.

Person of the earth.
Here to help but NOT to be taken advantage of.
Loyal. Loving. Fierce. Delicate.



Lisa already quit her job not knowing what’s next. She just knew she was now looking for a more fulfilling and reasonable work. By chance she found the job offer of the shelter and got in contact with Elizabeth straightaway.

She wasn’t hiding to have absolutely no experience with dogs, but would put all her energy and effort into it.

A few weeks later, Lisa was volunteering at the shelter to see if it would fit.

Three months later she left her life in Germany behind and started to become one of the surrogate moms for the puppy’s, a playmate for all, but also demonstrating the limits to the dogs.



Amelie had come to us a few years back to volunteer from Germany. She loved us and returned to volunteer again. We loved her and with a joint appreciation, Amelie packed her bags and is living in Greece, with us, working daily. Literally daily. If she’s not cleaning and hugging, she is taking animals to the vet or the airport. If she’s not doing that, she’s taking photographs….exceptional ones like the ones you see here on this site. And when she’s home resting, she still isn’t resting, she’s always thinking, fixing doing, for Souda Shelter. We’re so fortunate to have this angel.



Our longest term volunteer, Christina has been with us through our ups and downs. She is a member of our team from day one, has her own evening shift and as you can see is selfie queen. Best photos ever! Christina is our gem and we all adore her!


Steve lives on Crete and regularly donates his time to repair the shelter. Gates, fences, everything needs to be fixed. And he does that in the cold in winter or in the heat in summer!


Born in Heraklion but raised in Chania, Eva has become one of the regular staff. She covers shifts, gives us her all, is reliable and loves the animals with all her heart. She gives us 200% when she steps into the shelter and we love her for that. She is an all around animal lover who wishes for a world with no animal abuse. Above is a photo of Eva with her inspiration, her blind kitty, Iris❤️



Volunteer Sandy Jean From America!

Sandy recently moved to Chania, her husband’s hometown. She immediately signed up to help us (as she did in the US too with her local shelter). Sandy not only volunteers her services but she is also a mom of two Souda boys, Minos and Ollie.


Saskia from Germany. Moved to Chania last summer and joined the crew to help with the dogs. Saskia grew up with dogs and loves and respects these wonderful beings with all her heart.

Working for the Souda Shelter she adopted the wonderful baby Terpsi. ❤ Terpsi was hit by a car and injured quite badly.

Once recovered she joined Saskia’s family. Saskia says proudly of our project, “We are the greatest team ever and love each other very much.” And yes we do!


Two precious commodities, our local volunteer Sofia and our new resident, baby Gohan (rice in Japanese).
Sofia is a year round Chaniotissa who has become part of our core team and treats the shelter as her home: its spotless, everything is running as it should and everyone is well fed.