Meet The Team

The Staff

Elizabeth :

Founder and Director of The Souda Shelter Project.

Person of the earth.
Here to help but NOT to be taken advantage of.
Loyal. Loving. Fierce. Delicate.

Our team consists of Elizabeth, founder and director of the Project. Elizabeth handles everything from finding funding, organizing
building projects, corresponding with members and interested parties, interviewing potential adoptees, organizing events, dealing
with legalities, budgeting and much more.

Elizabeth is a born and raised New Yorker who has been challenged with accusations of dog trafficking and illegal operations and has
overcome all, keeping the shelter in full operational mode for all of these years.

Hundreds of animals have come and gone through the shelter doors. The shelter has hundreds of successful adoptions with
testimonials, which flood the social media pages of the Project.


Senior resident staff Amelie has been with the shelter from 2019. Amelie is of German descent. She is the momma bear of the shelter; every animal looks at her and feels for her in a “different” way. It shows in the photos she captures of them; they love her like a momma love. Most all the amazing photos you see on our social media pages are Amelie’s.

Amelie handles the hands-on operations of the shelter, keeps track of all the medical therapies while observing every detail of each
animal to make sure their stay is comfortable and each soul content.

Richard and Craig:

Richard Turner and Craig Parker are two new members of our core team. They are from the UK and have worked fostering for the
shelter in the past. Huge animal lovers and kind gentlemen, Richard and Craig’s welcoming disposition make everyone feel at
home, both two and four legged beings!


Sophia is a resident volunteer who has studied animal care and is very observant and delicate with the animals. She is a local. Sophia
makes sure each area she works in is spotless and the animal she comes in contact with happy.


Lisa, is a resident volunteer who has worked full time at the shelter. Now, she visits and helps once a week. When she first joined us Lisa
had never dealt with dogs. A short time later Lisa runs the shelter operations like a champ getting the job done and done right. At
this point you would never know that Lisa had no relations with dogs before, she and they are one. Lisa is from Germany as well.


Jemma is a resident volunteer from the UK who lights up the shelter from the minute she joins the shift. Jemma is a dog groomer. She
has recently moved to the island and we hope she will stay because we love her and so do the animals.


You will also notice other volunteers during your stay, some of them come every year.
Fortunately for the Souda Shelter Project we are always graced with volunteers from all around the world who share the space and
their love for the animals.

As one of our volunteers from Finland said, “Once you visit Souda Shelter you will always come back!”