Tiere suchen ein Zuhause

“Tiere suchen ein Zuhause” is a very popular show on the WDR channel in Germany. It is about dogs, cats and other animals which are looking for a home and it also shows many documentaries about all aspects of pets.

In 2024 we took 18! minutes in a documentary on Greek strays. You can watch see in the ARD Mediathek:

In 2019 a documentary about the Souda Shelter was aired twice – in March and as a follow-up in September.

On 30.3.2019 it was aired in two parts:

30. 3.2019 Part 1/Teil 1 Introduction

30.9.2019 Part 2/ Teil 2 Sweet Sunday

On 1.9.2019 the TV show aired part of the show again and added a follow up.

1.9.2019 Follow-up (14th to 40th minute)

Message from Elisabeth

On 10.11.2019 there was a little special about Souda Shelter dog Apo and his new family.

10.11.2019 Apo