I would like to help with the project!

We always need help and are thankful for anything you can do. Please look for more information under JOIN US!

If you travel to Crete, you might want to bring things. Please, read the Wish List in MAKE A DONATION.

I found a dog in the street, what do I do?

Since we are closing down the shelter we can only accept extrem emergencies and no healthy stray dogs who are in no danger and who can look after themselves. 

But if you find a dog or cat and want to help, here you can find TIPS and ADDRESSES of vets, pet shops and a pet taxi.

What is the project all about?

  1. The main purpose of the project is to find loving homes for all the dogs in the shelter.
    Until that happens we will give them the best care possible.
  2. When that is done we will close the badly built shelter.
  3. Then we can start planing and building a new well-functioning shelter.

I found a dog on your website and want to adopt it.

Please look under HOW TO ADOPT and you will find all the information you need.

What do I have to know about the first weeks after I adopted a dog or a cat?

Please read our The First Weeks page. You’ll find a lot of useful and helpful advice there. 

What’s wrong with my rescue? From the day we brought it home it is sleeping all the time.

This is a great sign. It means that your rescue is finally sleeping.
Can you imagine a life of never really sleeping? A life where you’re sleeping with one eye open.
Your rescue can finally rest. It finally feels secure enough to let itself go into Dreamland.
This “sleeping all the time” only lasts a couple of weeks.
Let it happen. Give it quiet. This is good.

Why are some dogs reserved?
Sometimes it takes time to find a flight to take the dog to it’s new home. So if everything is in order and you are just waiting for a flight to take your dog home it will be reserved.

What is Leishmaniosis/Leishmania?

If you are interested in a dog which was diagnosed with leishmaniosis, it’s important that you are well informed. These dogs need homes more than all the others. Please read our leishmaniosis page and maybe you’ll decide that you can give a loving home to one of our dogs with leishmaniosis.

What are Kokoni dogs?

You might have heard the word Kokoni. In Greece you’ll find them very often. Here you’ll find more information:

Kokoni dogs: English / German 

Thank you!