Moira (adopted)

Moira (adopted)

Update 12.04.2024:

Moira is♥️h♥️o♥️m♥️e♥️. She was adopted!

Her story:

Meet Moira, a sweet black dog waiting at the Souda shelter for her forever home. This delicate lady is not just any dog; she’s a devoted mom to Roland, Johnny, Alexis, and Jocelyn.

Moira’s black coat is as elegant as her demeanor. Her eyes hold a mix of wisdom and kindness, reflecting the love she poured into raising her pups. Despite being at the shelter, Moira remains calm and gentle, spreading warmth wherever she goes.

She’s not just a dog in need; she’s a loving soul looking for a family to call her own. Moira’s story is one of maternal love and quiet strength. Will you be the one to offer her the love-filled home she’s patiently waiting for? Visit Souda shelter and make Moira a part of your heart and home today.