BRADY is undoubtedly one of the sweetest faces in the shelter right now.

Tied up outside the shelter last October, along with a bag of food, Brady has been melting hearts ever since.

From the first moment, he’s been super friendly, greeting everyone with a wagging tail.

He couldn’t get enough cuddles and soaked up all the love he could get from people.

Brady is an all-around wonderful dog.

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures or looking for a snuggle buddy for cozy nights at home, Brady is up for it all. He’s a sporty guy with a calm demeanor, making him the perfect balance of fun and chill. Plus, he’s social with other dogs too.

But here’s the deal: If you can resist falling in love with those soulful eyes, we can’t help you.

Be a part of the project and let Brady work his magic on you!

He goes along with other dogs.