Winston (adopted)

Winston (adopted)

Update 2.4.2024:

How can this gorgeous boys still be at the shelter?
WINSTON was one of four pups found abandoned in the middle of literally nowhere. He is an absolute sweetheart and friendly with everyone. A little shy sometimes, but he’s always trying to be on his best behavior.
Barton and Winston both happily join in on any nap session, especially if it involves snoozing in the sun🌞 They are easygoing, wonderful juniors and even double up as excellent babysitters for the little ones! 😄
What more can you ask for in a pup?

His story:

Introducing the Dazzling Quartet: Harry Winston, a charming boy born in August 2023, is set to steal your heart!

He shares an unbreakable bond with his siblings – Cartier, Bvlgari, and Tiffany. All are happy and well-socialized.

Each pup in this precious litter is a unique gem, waiting to bring joy, love, and a bundle of adorable moments into your life.

Explore the magic of puppy love and consider welcoming Harry Winston into your home, where every day shines brighter with the warmth of a furry companion.