Shamji (adopted)

Shamji (adopted)

She’s born in March 2022.

Our magical, mystical Shamji. She just appeared one day outside of the shelter and became ours.

We asked her to write us a bio of herself, because she really needs a home and this is what she said:

“Hey there, humans! It’s Shamji here! Let me give you the inside scoop on my fabulous feline life. So, I’m a one and a half year-old bundle of fluff who was taken off the streets by the SSP. They had this grand plan of neutering me and sending me back to the street cat gang, but lucky for me, they couldn’t resist my charm. Can you blame them? I’m simply irresistible!

Right now, I’m living it up in a foster home with my older dog brother and with something that looks a lot like me, only much smaller. Haha, just kidding! Of course, I know it’s a kitten.

His name is Momo, and I love him! I enjoy taking care of him, grooming him, teaching him manners.

Finally, I have someone to play and have fun with, especially now that he’s growing more mature and active, and can keep up with me really well. Honestly, pretty often I’m quite lazy though, but sshhhh… I don’t want the kitten to think I´m getting old.🤫

Ideally, Shamji and Momo could move to a loving home together since they have already formed a strong bond, but it’s also possible to adopt Shamji individually as a companion to an existing cat in the household.

Shamji was tested negative for FiV and FelV.