Josephina (passed away)

Josephina (passed away)

Update 15.4.2024:

Dear Josephina,
When you came to the shelter last summer, you were already a bit forgetful. Your eyes had dimmed over the years, your ears no longer cared for the loud bustle of the world, and your legs refused to cooperate from time to time.
Everything took a little longer.
But there were a few things we could always count on. Like how every day you would wait at the kitchen side door when the morning shift arrived, protesting loudly until the door finally opened.
Your voice still worked very well.
You always knew when it was time for the next meal.
You wouldn’t miss it for anything.
That’s the Josephina I know, and that’s the Josephina I want to remember.
Then, you finally managed to leave life at the shelter behind. In old age, you got to experience what it’s like to live in a loving home again. But you were no longer able to enjoy it. And in the end, fate had already made other plans for you.
Dear Josephina,
We love you and we miss you 💔

Her story:

Josephina – the elderly lady who appeared at a nearby coffee shop a few weeks ago during the heatwave.

When we brought her into the shelter, we were convinced it would only be temporary and that she would surely be missed.

However, several weeks have passed since then, and no one has come to claim her.

Josephina’s aged, and not everything functions as well or quickly as it used to.

The dirt under her collar was inches thick when we removed it, and she also has some growths that need to be surgically removed as soon as she’s gained a little more strength.

It’s hard to understand how someone could have simply discarded this sweet, enchanting old lady who loves people so so much, especially in temperatures around 35°C, but that’s very likely what happened.

A warm welcome to the Souda Shelter family, Josephina❤️