Update 27.08.2023:

Joy, as we say in Greek, όνομα και πράγμα.
The darling IS always JOYOUS.
He was brought to us last year by one of our members. Leishmania ridden and quite ill looking we took him in and transformed him into this!
Joy as we said is a happy guy.
Joy gets along with EVERYONE.
Joy always has the appetite for walks, cuddles, just lying around, whatever as long as it includes YOU.
He is an older gentleman but does NOT act his age.
Consider adopting Joy.
He’s awesome!
His story:

Meet Joy, a delightful senior Cretan hound mix who truly lives up to the phrase “oldie but goldie.”

Despite his age, Joy has an abundance of love to give to his humans. His character is impeccable, with gentlemanly manners, affectionate nature, and lovable personality.

While he is social with other dogs, the hustle and bustle of the shelter can be overwhelming, so Joy would benefit from a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy his golden years.

Joy is very well-behaved and walks perfectly on a leash, which indicates that he likely had a home before being abandoned like trash when he needed care the most.

Unfortunately, Joy is Leishmania positive, and it has impacted his kidneys, necessitating a special renal diet. We understand that the mention of Leishmania may be concerning to some, but we implore you to consider opening your home to this wonderful old man.

Joy deserves a chance to spend his remaining years sleeping in a comfortable bed and showered by love and attention.

Despite his diagnosis, Joy can still live a happy and fulfilling life with proper care and management of his condition.

Don’t let this stop you from giving him the home he deserves!