Kea (reserved)

Kea (reserved)
Update 30.3.2023:
Meet Kea and Lucas, the inseparable duo searching for a forever home together!
These two loving senior pups have spent their entire lives in a happy home,
and are now looking for someone with a big heart to welcome them into theirs.
Adopt Kea and Lucas, and give them the loving home they deserve to spend their golden years together!
Despite being a bit overweight, Kea and Lucas have enjoyed a happy life with their previous owners,
and it would be heartbreaking to see them spend their golden years in a shelter when they deserve a warm and loving home.
His story:
Don’t forget me…
I am a senior.
My name is Kea Hankinson and I was brought here because my owners have both passed.
I lived in a home for over 10 years and now I am at the shelter.
I have a few more good years left.
Let’s share them together.
Please, also consider my partner Lucas!
Adopt a senior today. The reward of doing so is great, words cannot begin to express.
Be a part of our project.
Adopt. Donate. Share.
The Souda Shelter Project.

Lucas (born in 2013), Kea (born in 2013), and Desa (born in 2017)  are three dogs are boys who find themselves in a difficult situation.

They have lived well-cared for in a home in Crete, but their owners passed away, leaving them without a family.

Now, they are looking for a new home to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and love. It’s not easy to be uprooted from the only home they’ve ever known, but with patience and support, they will hopefully find a new family who will provide them with the same love and care they’ve received in the past.

It’s not easy for any animal to adjust to a new environment, but it’s especially challenging for senior dogs who have been through so much already.

Lucas and Kea have a bond that’s hard to break. These two dogs have lived together for their entire lives, and they want to continue doing so even as they search for a new home. It’s not often that you find animals who are so attached to each other, and it would be wonderful if they could find a family who is willing to take them both in.