Azor (Azur)

Azor (Azur)

Update 16.05.2023:

We have an urgent update on Azur, the adorable canine companion with an infectious smile and a heart full of love.

It’s hard to believe that this lovable pup hasn’t found his forever home yet!

Azur is an absolute delight with his constant smile and unwavering love for people. His charming grin brightens up any room and melts the hearts of everyone who crosses his path. It’s truly puzzling that no one has welcomed this incredible dog into their family yet.

His story:

Azor is a young Cretan Hound mix who was abandoned outside a butcher’s shop and was taken care of by the shop owner for a couple of months.

Unfortunately, the man couldn’t keep him, that´s where the shelter stepped in.

Azor desperately wants to be with people and therefore finds it very difficult to adjust to shelter life.

Despite this, he has a wonderfully gentle and affectionate personality.

He walks well on a leash and loves cuddles and snuggles.

Although he seems very social with other dogs, he can’t fully enjoy their company yet as he always wants to be with people.

Azor is very athletic and has amazing jumping abilities, making him a great companion for sporty and outdoorsy families or individuals.

However, this also means that an escape-proof space is necessary to ensure his safety.

Overall, with his loving and gentle personality,

Azor would make an excellent companion for anyone looking for a loyal and affectionate furry friend.