Yamba (adopted)

Yamba (adopted)

Update 23.4.2023:

Yamba is a small and most sweet dog!

Her story:

At our shelter, we have a new addition to our furry family – a cute light brown puppy named Yamba. Yamba is a girl and was born on the 5th of December 2022. She was brought to us along with her siblings, Lennox, Byron, Cabarita, and Brunswick, who were all left at our shelter in a box.

Yamba is an adorable puppy with big blue eyes and soft, fluffy fur. She loves to play with her siblings and enjoys cuddling up to people. Yamba is very friendly and enjoys the company of both humans and other dogs. She has a gentle personality and loves to give kisses and snuggles.

Despite being so young, Yamba is already showing signs of being an intelligent pup. She is a quick learner and loves to explore her surroundings.

As with all puppies, Yamba requires lots of love and attention to help her grow into a happy, healthy dog. She will need like all puppies someone who is patient and willing to provide her with plenty of training, exercise, and socialization. In return, Yamba will be a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.