Lennox (adopted)

Lennox (adopted)

Let me introduce you to Lennox, a sweet light brown puppy with a captivating spirit and a heart full of love. Lennox, together with his brothers and sisters Yamba, Brunswick, Cabarita, and Bryon, found themselves in a box left at the shelter, looking for someone to give them the love and care they deserve.

They were born on 5.12.2022.

Lennox is a little fighter, determined to live life to the fullest. He loves to explore his surroundings, play with his siblings and cuddle up with his human friends. He is a bundle of energy and always ready for a new adventure, but he also appreciates quiet moments of affection and snuggles. Lennox is a faithful companion and wants nothing more than to shower his loved ones with affection.

Lennox and his siblings are searching for a forever home where they can grow up together, providing endless amounts of joy, laughter, and companionship to their new family. Each puppy has a unique and charming personality, and Lennox, with his light brown coat and loving disposition, would make the perfect addition to any household.

If you are looking for a furry friend to brighten up your life, Lennox and his siblings are waiting for you at the shelter.