Ruth (reserved)

Ruth (reserved)

Update 26.2.2024:

Ruth has a best friend! She is well-socialized  but overlooked. Why?

Update 16.5.2023:

Attention, dog lovers! We have an exciting update on Ruth, the slim and elegant brown female dog with a short, delicate coat. Ruth is a true beauty, and she’s eagerly waiting to find her forever home!

Ruth is a lovely canine companion with a graceful demeanor. Her slim build and sleek, brown coat make her stand out in any crowd. With her short hair, she’s easy to groom and maintain, ensuring that she always looks her best.

Update 7.3.2023:

Meet Ruth – a golden girl, not just because of the color of her fur, but also because of her amazing personality.

Ruth was likely born in autumn 2021 and is an incredibly affectionate dog who loves being around people. She’ll follow you everywhere you go and loves nothing more than to give hugs. Ruth is a social butterfly and gets along well with other dogs, always eager to make new friends.

With a lot of energy to spare, Ruth loves to play and run around. Thanks to her social nature she´s able to socialize with many different groups of dogs throughout the day and is always at the center of attention, even encouraging the shy ones to join in.

Ruth is always up for an adventure, but after all the excitement, she needs a big, long hug from her human. She’s like a sponge, soaking up all the love and affection that’s given to her. Overall, Ruth is an affectionate and energetic dog who would make an excellent companion for active families or individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Her confidence and outgoing personality make her an ideal choice for families with children, and her love of play and snuggles will bring joy to anyone lucky enough to have her in their life. She’d certainly enjoy having another playmate in her new home.

One last important thing to note is that Ruth is a high jumper, so her new owner will need to provide her with an escape-proof space to ensure her safety.

Update 2.2.2023:

Ruth is well socialized and enjoys her life.

Her story:

Ruth was born in November 2020 and we brought her to the doctor as soon as she came to us.