Irma is a pure breed Doberman, born in November 2016.
She was found up in Malaxa this summer, running in 35 degree weather with heat exhaustion.
It seems that she was used for breeding babies and when they got a new female to replace her, she was thrown out.
She has been neutered since.
Irma has leishmania. Of course, she gets her medication. Here you can read about Leishmania. This desease is only transported via a sandfly.
Irma also has an anxiety issue where she chases her bum and growls but we are working on that with natural remedies.
She is not aggressive towards humans. She loves them and their attention!
She never had a chance to be a puppy, and so she is giving us puppy now, so cute!
She is a bit awkward when it comes to cuddles but she loves it! Poor thing never had cuddles before.
Adopt this beautiful creature today.
Irma will warm your heart at least once a day with her new discoveries and character.