Zeta (adopted)

Zeta (adopted)

Update 18.02.2024:

Zeta was adopted. Huuray!

Dear Souda Friends, I am making myself at home! My new brother was grumpy yesterday, but today we went on a long walk and he swapped bed with me. We might be friends next week. Greetings from London, Zeta

Her story:

A lady called Zeta. Zeta is a beautiful Husky mix with a thick, fluffy coat of fur. She is a female with piercing blue eyes that will melt your heart. She is a Leish positive, which is a disease that affects the skin and immune system, but with proper care and treatment, she can live a happy and healthy life. Despite her condition, Zeta is a playful and energetic dog who loves to run and play. She is also very affectionate and loves to cuddle with her human family. She is a loyal companion who will bring joy and love to your life. Overall, Zeta is a wonderful dog who deserves a loving forever home. we hope that Leishmania which will not diminish her chances of finding a home. Maybe you are the one who says I don’t care and I will handle it. Contact us for more info.

Zeta was given away by her former owner to another person who dumped her on the streets shortly after. We picked her off in front of a grocery store where she used to hang around and got her neutered asap. Not only is Zeta a stunning beauty but she also has an amazing character.

Zeta is very social with other dogs and gets along with everybody. She can adjust her temper very well to the animals she´s surrounded with. When the youngsters ask her to join them in a wild run and wrestle game, she´ll take’em on! When you introduce her to tiny pups, only about 4kg of body weight, she´ll be very calm and gentle with them. Zeta is very attached to people and that’s where we get into trouble. Being confined to a pen is a real torture for her and it´s making her nervous and anxious. Zeta really needs to go to a loving home where she´s surrounded by people. Zeta was tested Leishmania positive, but fortunately she doesn´t show any symptoms. Please consider giving a Leishmania dog a chance.