Update 26.11.2023:

Meet Nyx: Elegance in Ebony, Longing for a Forever Home.

Since his puppy days, this stunning canine has been patiently awaiting the warmth of a loving home. Nyx, with his striking black coat and a unique white spot adorning his chest, is a captivating beauty that has left us all wondering why he hasn’t found his forever family yet.

Nyx is more than a dog; he’s a masterpiece in ebony fur. His sleek, glossy coat shines like the night sky, and the contrasting white spot on his chest is a touch of elegance that sets him apart. Despite his undeniable charm, Nyx has spent the majority of his life in the shelter, patiently hoping for someone to recognize the treasure that he is.

Nyx deserves a chance at happiness.

Picture the joy you could bring into Nyx’s life by opening your heart and home to him. Imagine the daily walks where his elegant black fur glistens, and the quiet moments where his loyalty becomes a source of comfort. Nyx is more than just a shelter dog; he’s a symbol of love patiently waiting for the right family to discover him.

Will you be the one to make Nyx’s dreams come true?

Update 23.2.2023:

These new photos of Nyx are a must-see! He has aged a tiny bit, but his stunning beauty remains.

His story:

Nyx was born in August 2022, together with Jolene, Kanellos and Manuka. They have a lot of fun together.

World, meet HAWK♂️, MANUKA♀️, JOLENE♀️and NYX♂️!
The beautiful babies that were left on the side of the highway in a suitcase (!) about three weeks ago (November 2022).
All four of them are looking for a loving home❤️