Hawk (adopted)

Hawk (adopted)

Update 7.3.2023:

Hawk is a lovable young dog with a warm and friendly personality. Born in November 2022, this playful pup is full of energy and loves to play, whether it’s with toys or other dogs. Hawk also has a calm side, making him an excellent companion for those looking for a dog that can be both fun and relaxing. He loves to spend time with his brother Nyx and his other playmates in the main yard of the shelter, and his friendly nature makes him an excellent playmate for any pup. Additionally, Hawk is very fond of people and loves to be around them. Overall, Hawk is an all-around great dog. He’s playful, friendly, social, making him an ideal pet for families, couples, or individuals looking for a loyal companion. With his warm and loving personality, Hawk is sure to bring joy and happiness to anyone lucky enough to have him as their furry friend.

Update 23.2.2023:

You won’t believe how amazing Hawk looks in his new photos! Sure, he has grown a bit, but it only adds to his stunning appearance.

His story:

Hawk was born in August 2022, together with Jolene, Nyx and Manuka. Together they are playing all day long.

World, meet HAWK♂️, MANUKA♀️, JOLENE♀️and NYX♂️!
The beautiful babies that were left on the side of the highway in a suitcase (!) about three weeks ago (November 2022).
All four of them are looking for a loving home❤️