Nomi (adopted)

Nomi (adopted)

Update 8.3.2023:

Nomi and his sister Sally arrived at the shelter as tiny pups in 2021.

Despite Nomi’s petite frame of about 8 kg, his adorable appearance and sweet demeanor, Nomi is still waiting for his forever home, having been at the shelter for over a year now.

Nomi is a cuddly boy who loves to play and snuggle with both humans and other furry friends. He is highly sociable and is comfortable around dogs much larger than himself, which speaks to his confidence and amiable nature.

Nomi may be small, but he has a big personality and is not afraid to set boundaries for rambunctious youngsters. Despite his lengthy stay at the shelter, Nomi has not lost his playful and affectionate personality. He still enjoys running around, exploring his surroundings, and engaging in playtime.

However, Nomi can be a bit shy around strangers, so he would benefit from a patient and understanding family who can give him the space he needs to feel at ease.

Nomi would certainly love to have a playmate in his new home as he enjoys the company of other dogs. He responds well to his name and is very food-motivated.

Nomi is a true gem, and he would make a delightful companion for a family or individual seeking a small and affectionate dog.

Update 9.12.2022:

Our little gentelman hasn’t still found her family! Isn’t he a beauty? At the shelter, Nomi is a handsome boy who came with his sister Sally. If you’re looking for a small dog, look no further! Nomi is the perfect companion, with a gentle and friendly personality. He is well-behaved, and is already well trained for his age. Although he hasn’t found his forever home yet, his sweet and affectionate nature is sure to win over any family. Nomi is a beauty, with a shiny coat and bright eyes that reflect his happy and loving spirit. He is best friends with Shane and they are inseparable, it would be a dream come true for them to be adopted together. Nomi is ready to be your new best friend, and he can’t wait to meet his new family!

Update 23.2.2022:

You are looking for small dog? Here he is:  Nomi!

His story:

Nomi is a handsome boy who came with sister Sally.