Champ (adopted)

Champ (adopted)

Update 14.8.2022:

Champ has now been living 6 month in the Netherlands!

Update 20.3.2022:

First time on Dutch lawn

Update 6.3.2022:

Today is Champ’s eighth birthday. What is different this birthday from the seven previous ones?
He is home.
Champ is ❤️h❤️o❤️m❤️e❤️.
Oh and if you haven’t heard, he’s now a Dutch citizen

Update 29.12.2021:

Champ’s data: ?
born March 2014,
castrated, medium
Our sweetie was always very reserved, loved to lie in his hut and watch the goings-on around him ?
But it has been different for a long time! Champ seeks to be close, wants to be petted and is happy when he gets attention. We are happy ?
It is high time “for him to find his own warm home!”?With loved ones whom he can trust and who give him the time he needs to arrive properly ?
His time is running out, every day, and Champ deserves a better life, than in the Shelter!
He is a great dog ? He’s funny, a little crazy, but happy. He will give you everything you want, and even more if you let him!? Our champion gets a little bit more grey every day. Should he really never have his own family and know what it’s like to be loved ? Live a life in peace, warmth, security and cuddle until the doctor comes …?
No, we can’t be satisfied with that, and that’s why we’re not giving up!! Champ only has us… ?


Champ got dealt the wrong cards in life.

?Champie Champ?

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Lauantaina 18. huhtikuuta 2020

There were four of them. Four siblings and a very long time ago, three of them had a ticket to leave. We kept Champ back cause he was the handsomest, so we figured he could leave at any time. Yet he never left.

It’s been years folks. This guy literally spent his whole life in the shelter. And the shelter was pretty harsh for a lot of years.

Champ was born in 2014.

This year Champ, who didn’t want us to touch him or give him attention changed. He wants hugs and rubs. He wants to be acknowledged by humans.
Huge leap, thanks to the staff.
So now its time for Champ to get his own warm home, his own bowl of food and his own family.

Consider Champ, grant him a spot in your family.

He’s funny, kooky, happy and will give you the world, if you give him the chance.

Champ, a true gentleman, February 2020
Champ in his new dog house, January 2020

From a little baby boy, Champ has been raised a the shelter.
He is will be going on six this coming March and this year has made a dramatic turn around in character…he wants cuddles!
His fear of people seems to be diminishing and he has realized that contact is good!
Make our Champie’s life complete with a home!
He is so deserving!

Champ with Dahlia, January 2020
Champ with Xara
Dahlia and Champ
Champ enjoying cuddles, January 2020

His story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 2014

Breed: Hunting dog mix

Castrated: No

Color: Tan and white

Size: Medium

Description: This sweet boy is happy to sleep the days away in his dog house, watching the world from his safe space.

He has perfected the “puppy dog” eyes and knows exactly how to appeal to your heart strings. But this boy still has some spunk left in him, he will at times still try to sneak into the kitchen at night to try to find some forgotten treats!

Champ would love to spend some relaxing days in his forever home, but would be ready for the occasional adventure. Please consider this sweet boy.

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