Look at this glossy boy! He’s Nemo.
Yes, I adore him.
Nemo came to us from the streets because we were sent a video of an animal who was attacking himself….yes, himself.
Nemo would go into fits where he would attack his back half of his body and actually bite himself till he bled.
Doctors had told us that this would just get worse. They told us there was nothing that we could do and that at some point he would begin to attack other animals and maybe even us.
They suggested we put him down.
This was not an option.
I could not believe there was
no way to help this behavior.
He could get better.
With patience and a lot of work, Nemo no longer hurts himself. He loves himself and he loves human company. He is a young animal who is healthy and happy and ready to share life with you.
He is a perfect Cretan hound specimen, wouldn’t you say?
He’s one of my favorites and he knows it!♥️