Jane (adopted)

Jane (adopted)


Months ago Jane was thrown over the two and a half meter fence of the shelter.
Discarded, like a crumpled piece of paper, unwanted.
She was not well. Her vulva was extremely swollen to the point that sitting was painful.
We rushed her to the vet where she was held for over 10 days with the hopes that the swelling would dissipate. On the 11th day she was operated on.
That’s all in the past.

Today her name is Bea, she is a resident of Germany and she is a STAR. Wouldn’t you say?

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Her story:

Jane is a very sweet dog who was thrown over the fence into the shelter. Jane is a beautiful female and only one year old. She was born in 2019.

Jane is a psycho ward. High-octane. Loves everyone. Loves life!

She had to be operated on because her vaginal area was swollen but now she is fine.