Clementine (adopted)

Clementine (adopted)


News about Clementine ?
She is so cute and smart
Unbelievable ???
She brings Cooper and us to live again
A little hunting lady???
But no problem
We are going to a big property with trees and water, and a lot of nice friends
They can run free and be themselves for several hours
You can see the place on FB
Hundewiese Übach ????

First time I saw Clementine was in a video Christina sent to me. A beautiful, happy little girl, homeless and on the street. Before we had the chance to pick her up, she was hit by a truck. A kind gentleman by the name of Nontas rushed her to the vet.

She suffered a broken pelvis and we immediately agreed to take her in.

For over two months she was in isolation so as to heal properly. This made her very sad because she is very social but the time passed quickly and she healed beautifully. It was now time for her to go home, to a person who will love her and care for her like no other.

And she did.

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Her story:

This happy, carefree, beautiful little girl was HIT BY A TRUCK today. (This video was taken days ago by our volunteer, Christina).

She got her immediate first aid from a very conscious citizen but tomorrow will be picked up by Litsa Metaxa and have a rigorous check up including x-rays and all.

At the moment she seems to be having a problem with her hind legs. The veterinarian she saw briefly today did not have an x-ray machine but did a sonogram to see if there was any internal bleeding or air in the thorax.

Send your well wishes and prayers.
We named her Clementine.
The Souda Shelter will take responsibility for her.
Anyone interested in this gorgeous creature, let us know.

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