Trout (adopted)

Trout (adopted)


Trout was adopted in Chania.

Trout is adjusting well in his new home?❤️ right here in Chania!

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Tiistaina 5. toukokuuta 2020


Trout was left outside of our shelter some weeks ago. He was not tied to any fence, he was frozen with fear of the sounds and commotion coming from the shelter. Frozen.
Alaine❤️, Luke and family took him in, as they have been trustfully and kindly doing for some time now with our orphans, and have once again successfully raised a healthy, normal dog ready for his new home this weekend.
My gratitude towards this foster home is immense.
Their contribution to our shelter is invaluable.
Their love and patience for these animals, continuous.
Thank you Alaine, Luke, Poncho and children.
Good luck Trout, your new home awaits you with open arms?

His story:

Every monster that crosses our gate doors sees a vet.
Below is Trout, very excited about our policy.
He, after three days of parasite medicine, will get his vaccination, microchip and some bloodwork.
That costs us anywhere from 25 euro (for pups) to 50 euro (for adult dogs).
We operate through donations.
Please help.
Be a part of our project.
Adopt. Donate. Share.

Trout at the vet, April 2020