Elsa (adopted)

Elsa (adopted)


Elsa, our terrified pooch, caught and taken in by Aga and his family, contacted by Stella and fostered by Alexandra has found a home!!!
Elsa will go and live with Roger and his lovely wife who saw her on our page and fell head over heels for her.
As you can see in the photo below, Roger is already sharing kisses with her and this was their first meeting!
Thank you to all involved and thank you to all who support and advertise our work!
Our project is where it is because of good people who believe.

Elsa was found in extreme fear.

UPDATE 2: The dog has returned.Update 1: THIS POOR ANIMAL HAS RAN AWAY FROM THE FOSTER HOME. PLEASE IF YOU SEE IT CONTACT US.?The animal in this video is experiencing extreme terror so much so that it is paralyzed by fear. We assume it is owned and has been lost (?).It has been picked up for the meanwhile but cannot stay (it is being hidden because landlord prohibits animals) and will be put back out on the street.Do you recognize this animal? Will you take this animal in?Can you sleep at night knowing this animal is alone on the street? Please, show your human side, step up and help this little animal out.

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Lauantaina 8. helmikuuta 2020

She was placed in a foster home but unfortunately she could escape.

Still extremely frightened. What happened to her???

But she was found! Elsa is approximately 8 months old. She is now being fostered by a wonderful woman named Alexandra who truly persisted on saving her!

That is what you do when you foster. YOU SAVE.

Look at our little Elsa. She is no longer terrified as compared to her first photo hiding behind furniture.

She runs and plays with Alexandra’s animals. She returns to Alexandra when she is called. She feels safe.

Elsa, February 2020

Elsa will be up for adoption soon. Consider her. She is a smart girl who will be neutered and vaccinated, microchipped and ready to be accepted into your life.

All it takes is a YES.

Be a part of the project.

Adopt. Donate. Share. FOSTER.

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