Brownie’s 6 puppies (adopted)

Brownie’s 6 puppies (adopted)


April 2020:

April 2020: Now they got their first vaccination and were christened. So, here they are:

Chunk is adopted.


Fudge is adopted.

Update 20.3.2022 on Fudge:

Laku is adopted.

Nougat is adopted.

Toffee is adopted.


Toffee, going places!
The Souda Shelter Project

Truffle (adopted); Girl

Truffle in her new home!

Though the world is in turmoil and there future in a distant haze: All are still healthy, March 2020

They were born in the shelter as their mother Brownie came to the shelter in her last stages of pregnancy.

The black one is the first to have a name: Leo; February 2020

Let’s hope they’ll stay healthy. In 4 month they will be ready for adoption.


Dreaming puppy dreams…,February 2020