Julius (adopted)

Julius (adopted)


January 2021

Wish our Baby Julius a happy birthday ????
His mama 


 got him a cake and got herself a cake to celebrate him! We love you Julius!
Wishing you many many more wonderful birthdays!

August 2020:

Hellow all my friends! I have been now a week in my Finland home. I was in a spa, every day we have gone for long walks in the forest, there its fun to find sticks and I ve been eating blueberries, they are good. I was swimming today. I love my home, my bed is nice and I have a lot of toys, some of them I checked what was inside them. I love my mom and I have a grandmother; she is old but we go to visit every day ?❤️??❤️?

After quarantine in Athens with foster momma, he finally arrived in Finland. Early August 2020.










His story: 

This is Julius.
Julius was ALONE on the street.
He is just a couple weeks old.
He didn’t fall from the sky, he was left there to hopefully be picked up, but to probably die.
Julius is a Pitt bull, whether he is a mix or pure we do not know.
What we do know is that having Pitt bull means he will be over the top loving, funny, obedient and loyal. Guaranteed!

Tiny Julius, February 2020

Consider Julius…
Be his family.

Adopt. Donate. Share.
The Souda Shelter Project.

Julius – Wish him luck!