Cliff (adopted)

Cliff (adopted)


Wondering how our Malinois Cliff is doing since he left the shelter? He’s living the life!
He put on 8 lbs.
Nature hikes, beach outings and love.
Thanks Rob for caring for him so!❤️

Very moving.
Our Cliff leaves us to go to his wonderful new home.
Volunteer and gentleman, Rob adopted him today. Rob is a canine handler for the US military.
But don’t say Cliff’s not grateful, look at the love he gives Niko❤️

His story:

Cliff was thrown over the fence into the area of Negrita and Sherlock. This could have easily ended in disaster but fortuneatly Jamie just arrived and saved him.

Cliff is Mallinois (mix) and large. He needs a responsible owner who knows these dogs and works with him.

Cliff is already smiling.
Still a bit skinny…
What a smile…
October 2019