Tina (adopted)

Tina (adopted)


Tina in her new home. Rest and relaxation. Quiet and security. What more can she ask for?

In her backyard

Her story:

Elizabeth tells:
It wasn’t that Tina was not loved, she was very loved and very taken care of…it was just that Tina’s owner eventually suffered severe psychological problems and had to leave the country.
This left Tina homeless.
Yes, there were people in the town who took care to feed her but at night and off hours, she was on her own.
I was made aware of her “eviction” but had a full shelter and could not take her in.
She is being cared for by some of the shops down at the old harbor.
But what happens when the shops close?
The night is long and scary.
Then one day I spotted her with a homeless man whom I had previous issues with. He was using a guinea pig to raise donations on the street. He was rough with the animal and I had a serious confrontation with him.
Tina was now with him!
I had to get her away from him and into the shelter, whether I had room or not!
With the big help of Rena Loukaki, (who had been looking after her all the while on the street), Tina was whisked away from this man and put in the shelter and in no time Tina found a home.
The before photos, Tina’s home, Tina at the old harbor homeless and the new photos of Tina in her wonderful new environment.
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It is so easy to give her the best gift, peace of mind, just by opening your door to her and letting her know you won’t let her go.

After spotting Tina with a homeless man whom Elisabeth has witnessed abuse animals, we felt Tina’s life was in danger and took her into the shelter.

Tina has just gotten her vaccinations and blood work and is healthy and up for adoption. She is about two years old.

Tina is a beginner dog.