Popi <br> Adopted

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 2017

Breed: Mix

Neutered: Yes

Color: Beige

Size: Small



Description: Popi is one of the dogs that we believe can change completely after leaving the noisy shelter environment behind. Popi needs to go to a calm and loving home where she is granted the time she needs to open up to her humans.She shows us that she´s uncomfortable with the whole situation, but only with her eyes and her body language. She has never shown any signs of aggression towards humans or other dogs. She will never start a fight with other dogs, but always be the one to back down & she prefers to keep her distance.

Popi has recently shown a wonderful side of her nature with a very ill dog who arrived at the shelter knowing we could only make him comfortable for a short while, From his first day with us to the last day of his life he had Popi as his companion, sharing a pen, they chose to share the same dog house. A sweet yet unequal couple. A sight that touched everyone who witnessed it. Popi made it possible that Sifis didn´t have to spend his last days all alone by himself.Popi helped us to give Sifis the warm ending we wanted him to have, now it should be her turn to get help. If you have a peaceful home & some patience to let this girl flourish, please give Popi the loving home she deserves.