Admiral (passed away)

Admiral (passed away)

Update 17.1.2022:

Our Admiral has passed away today.
That grandeur of a creature is no longer with us.
He passed in the US, with his dad by his side.
I remember when I first encountered Admiral, he was loose outside of the shelter and went into the store next-door to us. The owner of the store locked himself in his office and called us to come and help him. We didn’t know if we were dealing with an aggressive animal or not but his size truly made us tremble in our boots.
All for nothing though because Admiral was a big teddy bear.
The first time I encountered Admiral I noticed his white snout and realized that I had a senior animal on my hands. It saddened me greatly to think that he was abandoned and probably replaced by a shiny new dog.
It saddened me to think that his chances of being rehomed were slim.
That’s when God felt sorry for me, possibly felt my sorrow and decided to give me a break.
That’s when God sent me Lindsay.
Lindsay began to volunteer at the shelter and come a few times a week to lend a hand.
Lindsay fell in love with Admiral and made him her own.
Here in Greece they were inseparable, one being the other’s crutch and vice versa. When it was time for Lindsay to fly back home, she made sure Admiral flew in the cabin with her.
And if life was good in Greece up until then it was just about to get a whole lot better in the States.
Admiral was welcomed by a whole family!
He acquired a grandma and a grandpa who is spoiled him royally. He also got an awesome new dad who shared his goofiness and humour.
He met friends and more family, lived in a beautiful home in the suburbs and had the peace and warmth of love always around him.
Good bye Admiral, a name so fitting.
Our highest gratitude to you and your whole family, Lindsay,for giving this animal such a beautiful life❤️
His story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2010

Breed: German Shepherd

Neutered: No

Color: Black and Tan

Size: Large

UPDATE:  Admiral was adopted in August 2019.

His new family writes: It was two weeks last Thursday that I brought him to his furever home! He is doing so good!!! Such a silly boy but also soooo extremely sweet! He loves his good morning and good evening snuggles and loves!

Admiral in his new home.

Julkaissut Lindsay Nelson Tiistaina 17. syyskuuta 2019

His story:

Description: Admiral is a large German Shepherd Dog. A magnificent creature.
He was found outside the shelter, running next to the highway and it was assumed he must be lost, but no owner was found.

He is calm. When he is in the dog run he ignores any barking and excitement going on around him. He is very friendly with people, he would absolutely adore to have a strong bond with his own person and is intelligent.

Admiral is a xoxDOG which means he is up for lifelong foster and there is no adoptionfee.
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