Chantal (Adopted)

Chantal (Adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 2018

Breed: Mix

Neutered: No

Color: Golden

Size: Medium

Description: Chantal and we think her mother, Rena, were left in front of the shelter inside a travel box not long ago (March 2019). Since their arrival at the shelter they share a home with our old boy Harold.

Chantal is the more forward one, she wants to get to know you from the first second. She is a playful and super friendly dog. She´s loves people and is yearning for their attention. She, as well as her mother/daughter, would go perfectly with a family with children. Both sit nicely for treats, they are both friendly & fun dogs, but not high energy. Just great family dogs.

We don’t often ask this, but seeing their bond is so strong, it would be incredible if someone might consider taking them both? Although for the right families they can go separately too. Small medium size dogs, easily handled