Apo (Adopted) known from TV

Apo  (Adopted) known from TV

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2014

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Tri Color

Size: Small

Update: Now a TV star in Germany!

Apo in the German show “Tiere suchen ein zu Hause”

The clip when Apo was found and picked up.

Description:  Everyone loves Apo, Apo loves everyone! A truly loving boy, he wants nothing more than to be stroked, cuddled, loved. He loves a lap to lean on, it is gentle touch that inspires him, rather than treats.

Apo was found walking on the streets in the city, & it appears he had managed to survive by himself for a long time. He had an old injury to one leg/ shoulder but it doesn’t bother him much.

A small dog, he’s what is called a ‘yard dog’, with stumpy little legs. Gorgeous fluffy boy, suitable for any family.