Sheila (Adopted)

Sheila (Adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: 2015

Breed: Mix



Size: Small


(3 april 2018)
This is Skinny Sheila.
We picked her up off of the streets a little over a week ago because she in very bad shape, very emaciated and covered with wounds.
As if she didn’t have enough scars on her body she just added some stitches to her inner eyelid.
You see she is an escape artist. She has escaped out of a regular pen and the warehouse’s huge metal doors then we also customized a pen, closed all around, including a roof.
That didnt work.
Every night Skinny Sheila breaks out of the shelter and every morning she comes back on her own and waits for us to let her in. Yes, she returns! This last time she left fine and came back with a torn eyelid and a huge hematoma in her mouth.
Today 150 euro and a couple of hours later WE’D LIKE TO BELIEVE she WON’T be escaping again. We’ve invested in some rabbit fencing.
Fingers crossed.
For her own sake.