Victor (adopted)

Victor (adopted)



There is reason to celebrate, Victor has found a home!
Victor is a Berliner!
His parents are experienced owners who fell in love with him at first sight!
There were other candidates too but this home is the tops!
He’s even got his own garden.
Big thank you to Barbara,
Dogtrainer Chaniacrete and Angelika 
for never giving up on him, for all their hard work and sacrifices.
His time has come and now Victor is ❤️h❤️o❤️m❤️e❤️
His story:


Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2018

Breed: Mix

Neutered: No

Color: Brindle

Size: Medium

Description: Victor wants human attention, and once he knows and trusts you he will love you, but it doesn’t come immediately to him.


September 2020:

Victor is a two and a half year old Boxer-hunting dog mix.
Vaccinated, chipped and castrated with robust health, very sportive, and open minded .
about 22kg weight, shoulder height
In January 2019 he was found, basically “skin and bones”, tied up in front of the Souda Shelter.
Since 2020 he is in the foster home with Michaela going along well with other dogs.
He got basic education, walks at the leash and is used to wear a muzzle in public.
Victor has become a loyal, true and obedient companion.
His behavior is territorially motivated and he needs time to learn trust someone.
End of September he will be in Berlin ready to be adopted to experienced person with free time, single or household without children.

May 2020:

Victor 2.0. Hi I am Victor. This guy, his name is Wayne petted me, picked up a ball and threw it for me. And I brought it back! A couple of times. My trainer is so proud of me. I let him pet me without feeling strange, I understood the game,throwing a ball means go and fetch it, but the cherry on the cake was that I gave it back just like that. Bravo Wayne, Bravo Vic! She said. I ll be back!

April 2020:

Hi! I am Victor.  I want to find a foster home or a forever home very much! I am a hunting dog boxer mix, 2 years old, castrated and vaccinated. I am now with the Dogtrainer Chaniacrete for basic training, sponsored by Barbara Kusiak. In the background Elizabeth Iliakis is watching out for me. Some people like Amelie Rosenherz and Yvonne Rubel are already participating in the research to find me someone to love! Look at my photos. That s my go to bed ritual. A little bit of love and a chewing stick. I am not so demanding! Maybe today is our lucky day! I am Victor and I ll be back!

Update: April 2020

Viktor: Hi! Who am I? My DNA Test shows the breeds that influence my character. From one side I am a Schweizer Laufhund and Boxer. From the other side I am Deutsch Kurzhaar and some unknown mix. From my hunting dog ancestors I like to track down and chase, but am also extremely cooperative and obedient. I guess from my Boxermix father, grandfather and grandgrandfather I got my brindle coat and my loving affectionate character, also ready to defend my home. Of course I am also impressed by my experience I will tell you next time. I am Victor. I ll be back!

As you can see from the pictures Viktor is not an agressive dog (he is running around with other dogs everyday and he is not barking at visitors once he is out and next to them) but he is very dominant. His body language when he is running around with the other dogs tells that he is very confident – tail up and the whole body broad and a bit stiff. 

He needs someone who is willing to take the time necessary to offer him a bright future in a warm and loving home, then he will become the super dog he can be.

Victor recently fell in love with a volunteer and vice versa, he became so much happier and more social, very loving, so we know it won’t take long for him to bond again.

Viktor and friend, September 2019
Viktor, September 2019
Victor and Dermot supervise Steve
Victor silently appears next to you and just is there

He is very handsome. October 2019

He is cute, he likes visitors, is not overexcited and ok with other dogs.