Bahar <br> (Adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 2012

Breed: Retriever Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black with white markings

Size: Large



Description: A couple of years ago an animal lover pleaded with us to confiscate an animal who was being severely neglected. Bahar as we named her was being fed once a week, chained on a one meter chain, was covered in parasites and was skin and bones. When we got to her we found her eating plastic bowls and brushes. We took her away from that environment and welcomed her into the shelter.

Bahar is a star. Anyone who has met her has fallen in love with her. She is a brilliant animal with a heart of gold. She allows the pack to chew on her ears and to play fight with her for hours. Once tired she jumps up on the aluminum siding where no one else can go. Watching her play with her shelter mates one clearly sees her selflessness and sensitivity.

She’s brilliant I tell you.
She’s Bahar.
Majestic Bahar.
Queen of the castle.
Loves humans. Needs a home. One of our best females.