Archie <br> (Adopted)

archieGender: Male

Birthday: September 2011

Breed: Tibetian Terrier Mix

Castrated: No

Color: Tri color

Size: Small


Description: Archie is a senior gentleman who was left a couple years back with his dog house and a bag of food. Archie had been abandoned, by his person, by his family at the ripe age of six.

He is a good dog. Hasn’t changed his attitude towards people. Still adores them, still stands on his back-shorty legs to give them a joyous welcome. When he does this, it looks like his little heart will burst of happiness.He’s a bit of a tough guy although he only stands at 34 cm. Elizabeth call him a little a$$hole but in a cutey kind of way cause he’s got so much character. Named him after the famous,grumpy Archie Bunker.

He likes to think he is alpha male. We would love to see him go because at the moment he is stuck in a pen and yearns for any visitors attention.