Baxter (adopted)

Baxter (adopted)



His story:


Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2012

Breed: German shepherd mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black / Tan

Size: Large


Baxter has been misjudged.
At first we had believed that he was a difficult animal.
He is not, he is a brilliant animal.
From time to time he even has a trainer come and work with him.
He is around 5 years of age and has a true GSD character.
He behaves like a gentleman outdoors.
He is a guardian in his space.
He needs to leave the shelter.
Shelter life is not for such a dog.
Consider him.
Share him.
Be a part of the project.
Adopt. Donate. Share.
The Souda Shelter Project




A dog trainer regularly works with him and takes him outside for free.

Baxter swims in a river in 2019
Baxter at the beach
Baxter at the beach in 2017
Baxter got his own pool in 2019