Rudi (reserved)

Rudi (reserved)

Meet Rudi, a charismatic dog with a heart as warm as his light brown coat. Born in February 2023, this enchanting canine is an absolute eye-turner.

Rudi is a young boy with a big heart. Rudi was left at the shelter with his friend Sugar (adopted) by their owners. Both he and Sugar were neglected and when the police came to the owners’ home, telling them to take better care of them or they would get a 2000 euro fine, the owners chose neither and gave them to the shelter.

He came to the shelter in bad shape, his fur patchy and irritated red skin. And his balls were in bad shape, blue, and in the way when he walked. Since then, he has been castrated and is looking very well. His skin and fur getting better every day.

Regardless of Rudi’s past, he has a big heart, only filled with pure joy. He loves to play, he loves his treats and he loves his bed. He is super happy and excited to get out for a run, and he seems equally excited to make people happy and has no trouble going inside his pen when his playtime is over.

He loves to play with his furry friends and in his playgroup, there are 10+ dogs. However, he was previously not around other dogs enough to learn dog language. He, therefore, can trigger or be triggered by other dogs, and if it is a home with other dogs, the owner needs the experience and patience to train him.