Meet Twig, the four-legged comedian at the bark-tastic carnival of Souda Shelter!

It looks like he is wearing an elegant men’s suit all the time!

Born in July 2023, Twig is not just a dog; he’s the brother of Petal, Blossom, Flora, and Posey – a whole floral squad in fur! This beautiful black furball is as socialized as they come, with a heart as big as his sense of humor.

Twig is the class clown of the doggy world, but don’t let his goofiness fool you – he’s got a sophisticated side with a white chest and a spot-on-his-nose charm.

Imagine a most handsome black dog making you laugh with his antics, and you’ve got Twig stealing the show.

If you’re ready for a daily dose of laughter and a lifetime supply of love, Twig is your guy. Head over to Souda Shelter and let Twig’s wagging tail and witty charm bring sunshine into your life!