Joanna (adopted)

Joanna (adopted)

Update 28.2.2024:

Joanna turned into this super gorgeous young lady! Look at her! Look at her smile!

Her story:

Meet Joanna, a cute light brown puppy born in September 2023, living at Souda Shelter. She’s got a brother, Alfi, and a sister Cosima, and all three were sadly abandoned. But don’t let that get you down because Joanna is a bundle of joy!

Despite their tough start, these siblings stick together and bring happiness to everyone at Souda Shelter. Joanna is a playful and sweet girl, making friends with everyone around her. The folks at the shelter take good care of them, but what Joanna really needs is a loving family.

Even though life hasn’t been easy, Joanna keeps wagging her tail and spreading good vibes. She’s a symbol of hope, showing us that even in tough times, there’s room for love and joy. The Souda Shelter team is hoping that soon Joanna, along with her sister Cosima and brother Alfi, will find a forever home where they can be loved and cherished.