Update 30.1.2024:
Here you have some brand new photos of our Valerie.
Valerie was brought to us by a local who for certain had abused this girl to no end.
He brought us her and her two daughters, Bonnie (still with us) and McKenzie (adopted).
Valerie is a special case.
She has triggers where she will make the gesture to bite but never really does, she just seems to intimidate. She does this if petted too long. It is almost as if the stimulus of being pet is too much for her to handle.
She has an issue with her back legs.
The owner had mentioned something about her falling off of a balcony. We are not so sure that is the reason for her disability but we will never know.
It is kind of a sad situation for Valerie because we know her well and she is a kind, loving animal but all of her setbacks never allow anyone to really become interested in her. She doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of her days at the shelter.
She deserves a quiet home.
She loves her blankets and her treats. And she loves us very much, in her own special way.
If you are that special person who cares to take on animals who have no chance of ever being adopted, Valerie is the easiest of these cases. She is easy to handle. She gets along well with most dogs. Her handicap is manageable.
Please consider my Valerie. My darling little lady who hasn’t been dealt a fair hand in life.
Change her luck♥️