Update 27.3.2024:

MORGAN is very people-oriented and loves snuggling up with anyone willing to join him for a cozy cuddle session, always falling asleep next to you. He is fully vaccinated and healthy, integrating well into our larger dog groups of 30+ dogs.

His story:

Meet Morgan! He is  one of the brothers of the dynamic duo – Morgan and Barton: puppies born in August 2023, overflowing with happiness and affection. He is black (as you noticed) that makes his chances of being adopted considerably slimmer.

Despite being well-socialized and brimming with joy, their dark coats have made adoption a bit challenging.

These little bundles of love are waiting for a special home that sees beyond the color and embraces the incredible companionship they bring.

Consider adopting these charming black-coated pups and brighten your life with their infectious happiness.