Barton (adopted)

Barton (adopted)

Update 2.4.2024:

How can these gorgeous boys still be at the shelter?
BARTON found his way to the shelter along with his brother, Morgan. He’s a laid-back guy mixed with a playful spirit. He prefers sticking to his close group of friends rather than throwing himself into the hustle and bustle of our larger dog groups.
Barton and Winston both happily join in on any nap session, especially if it involves snoozing in the sun🌞 They are easygoing, wonderful juniors and even double up as excellent babysitters for the little ones! 😄
What more can you ask for in a pup?

His story:

Introducing Barton! Born in August 2023 he is overflowing with happiness and affection. Despite being well-socialized and brimming with joy, his dark coat will make adoption a bit challenging. But being a bit black slims his chances of leaving the shelter while young.

He has also got a brother, Morgan. These little bundles of love are waiting for a special home that sees beyond the color and embraces the incredible companionship they bring.

Consider adopting these charming black-coated pups and brighten your life with their infectious happiness.