Albertina was left, tied to the shelter fence in November 2023.
I am pretty sure I know where she came from and I am angry they disrespected and did not speak with me first but the animal is in better hands now for sure.
Albertina is a young girl. Albertina is a big girl.
She is well socialized and loves people.
She is a very impressive animal who deserves a warm home.
Her life from a puppy had been on a chain, in a backyard with zero interaction.
You would never know it though because she does not hold any grudges against humans. She adores them!

Albertine is now seeking a loving home to call her own. Her beautiful, soulful eyes tell a story of resilience and hope.

Despite her past, she exudes warmth and affection, ready to shower a lucky family with unconditional love. Albertina is not just a pet; she’s a loyal companion waiting to bring joy into your life. Give her a second chance at happiness—adopt Albertina today and be a part of her heartwarming journey. 🏡❤️