Update 8.7.2024:
Marina is a big dog. Yes. But she is also a beautiful dog and lo ves to be with her friends. You want big?
Update 18.7.2023:
Marina is a real stunning lady!
Her story:
Two carefree sisters, living on the streets in Rethymnon.
Take the time to just look at them.
Joyous, not a care in the world.
Little do they know they are in danger.
I cannot sit by and know that something will happen to them. This very photo caught my heart.
I want to take them in. Will someone sponsor them?
They are big girls. Their neutering costs us up to 200 euro depending on how big they will get by their first menstrual cycle. That’s without vaccinations, microchip, parasite meds, food, staff to feed the food, water, rent….you get the picture.
Please, support this rescue so I can give the “go” and have these girls brought over.
I haven’t yet and I am sitting on hot coals.
I would hate to get the news that they have been killed.
Just look at those faces.
World meet Alexia (white chest) and Marina♥️