Nelson (adopted)

Nelson (adopted)

Update 24.08.2023:

Nelson, now belongs to a beautiful family in Switzerland and we could not be happier!
Below, Nelson and his lovely sisters on a walk acting as if they have known each other their whole lives!
His story:

Introducing Nelson: a devoted friend seeking a new home!

Born in 2019, his life has faced hardships. Abandoned by his cherished owner, he bears a gentle ache.

Nelson’s heart is brimming with affection for people! Now, he longs for a loving home that will cherish him.

Will you be the one to provide him the warmth and care he deserves?

Give Nelson the second chance he yearns for and embrace the endless love he has to offer.

Open your heart and home to Nelson today, and experience the transformative power of his unwavering loyalty.

Adopt Nelson and create a lifelong bond that will fill your days with joy..

Read his touching story: